Japan Gigantic Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Japan hits by a huge earthquake that cause a gigantic tsunami in the north-east coast of Japan on March 11, 2011. These are some images of the destruction caused by this huge earthquake.

Ambulances japan earthquake

Bookshop staff shelter as part of the roof collapsed building collapsed burn at an oil refinery ceramic shop owner japan tsunami damaged parking lot japan earthquake damaging buildings japan earthquake Firefighters battle japan earthquake Goods are in disarray at supermarket japan tsunami Houses are left in shambles tsunami japan Houses swept out to sea burn Passengers at Narita International Airport japan pedestrian road is in shambles people standing on the roof People try to reach loved ones by phone tsunami Smoke rises from Odaiba Tokyos Rainbow Bridge japan earthquake tsunami swept through the carpark tsunami swirls tsunami tidal wave displaced vehicles as toys tsunami wave carries out fishing boats Tsunami waves cars and planes look like toys wall crushes vehicles japan earthquake Water from tsunami waves on street Water surrounds a car tsunami japan water swept through the town Images via AFP\Getty Images, CNN & Reuters

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